Monday, March 12, 2012

Cool Pokhrel

Lord of Nepali music-Cool Pokhrel


                                  End of the legend
The lord of nepali music Cool pokhrel`s untimely demise is a sin for all of nepali music fans.
Nawalparasi born pop singer kul/Cool pokhrel died with suicide attempt. His popularity soared with songs like- sun meri mayalu,bolauda kheri boldinou/yo ke bhaako,school,mritu ko chyan,nepali ko choro,kina udas baseki ekchin baralida,etc

 The most effected marijuana fans all miss him.He was cool and his songs are still cool...(we miss u bro-Rishab,Roshan,Pratik,Susal,Aakib & all the marijuana fans)
His uniquestyl of singing made him special n kept away from the crowd. My condolence to his family n friends in this difficult time for his early and untimely demise, may his soul rest in peace.